Saturday, September 25, 2010

Over the Fence

Although it should be several weeks before the snow flies, I couldn’t resist this painting. The sun is setting and the lights are coming on in the homes. Everyone is snuggled away with their families except for the individual in the sleigh, who is hurrying to a friend’s house for hot apple pie. “Over the Bridge” is 5” x 10”. If you are in Middleton next weekend I will be at the Christmas Dreams Show on both Saturday and Sunday. See you there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A. J. Burns Grocery, Bridgetown Circa 1960

One of my earliest memories is going to A. J. Burns Grocery with my mom. Albert, Eleanor, and Eddy always made us feel welcome and I never left without a candy treat. If dad was unavailable, Eddy would deliver the groceries to our home, adding to the excitement. I remember acquiring a black and white cat from Eleanor on one such visit – Tippy was a delightful addition to our family. This painting is from a photo taken circa 1960 provided by the James House Museum in Bridgetown and can be viewed at the museum this weekend during Cider Fest. The grocery store was later torn down to make way for the new post office. Note the house in the background. It looks the same today as it did 50 plus years ago. A. J. Burns Grocery is 6” x 8”.

FYI: my website has been updated and now contains all available painting.