Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the Shadow of the Cross

It is Christmastime again and I am full of the holiday spirit from the preparations, festivities and concerts thus far and thoughts of those to come. It has finally turned cold and there is a skiff of snow on the ground adding the perfect touch to the Maritime winter scene. Thanks to each of you it has been a great year for my paintings with 110 sold. This painting - In the Shadow of the Cross - was created to celebrate that Bethlehem night when the star shone from the heavens and the angels sang the first song of Christmas - peace on earth, good will to men. But this painting also takes one beyond the manger scene to the foot of the cross - the true reason for Christ's incarnation. During the hustle and bustle of Christmas may peace and joy fill your home and may each of you experience anew the touch of the Master's hand. Merry Christmas!