Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mother-in-law's Visit

Each year at the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival in Lunenburg vendors are asked to create a folk art piece based on a theme. This year it is “Mother-in-law” – go figure. This painting, “A Visit from Mother-in-law”, is for this year’s theme. Hope to see you Sunday at the show. Doors open at 12:00. FYI: I never had a mother-in-law, so the painting is purely fictional – tee hee!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Near Aylesford

It is a gorgeous, sunny day here in the valley – one of those days when inspiration abounds. The farm above can be seen from highway 101 when traveling towards Kentville. It lies against the north mountain and I never cease to enjoy its beauty. The painting is called “Near Aylesford” and is 5x10.

If you are visiting Nova Scotia please drop by the market in Annapolis Royal on Saturday (8-1) or Wednesday (10-2) and say hi. Also, I will be at the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival in Lunenburg on August 1.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I am looking forward to the upcoming is BASH in Bridgetown, N.S., my home town. Every ten years, or there about, former students and residents come together for a great time. Bridgetown Regional Elementary School (on the right) is where I started school. I was actually a member of the first primary class with Mrs. Goodwin– am I dating myself. I graduated from BRHS (on the left). Lots of fond memories!

Both paintings will be available July 14-18 at BASH. Tickets will be sold on BRHS and BRES will be auctioned off. I will be at the Friday market (July 16) with all my paintings. Hope to see you there.